Rabu, 29 Mei 2013

Ke-Aku-an ku

Aku masih termenung, tertunduk dengan pikiran menjulang dan meninggi. Berpikir tentang aku yang selalu merasa bingung dengan keadaan.

Selebih dari sini batasan terbagi ruas. Ruasnya bagaikan pelangi yang berwarna warni, bahkan lebih lengkap dari pelangi yang biasanya muncul setelah sembunyi dari pengantar keindahan yang kadang disebut hujan. Lebih cerah, namun lebih gelap, contras nan jelas.

Aku masih termenung, aku takut tatkala ku terjerumus ke dalam jurang kebuntuan. Jurang yang dalam, yang gelap, yang ujungnya pun tak mengharap untuk ditampak.

Aku masih termemung, merenung dengan ke-aku-an ku. Aku mencari tanda tanya.

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

What Am I Doing When Gets Bored? (R.I.P English)

Now i'll trying to make a post with English language. I know it's freaks but i think it good to try. Actually, i just want to share some story of me.

Today, i feel bad, ugly, or whatever you mean. Because i was saw a picture of peoples. They are my ex GF and maybe with her boyfriend. It was suck, because she with a boy who i was hate before. I don't know how and why they can be together. That's an awkward moment for me. It's hurt my heart. I feel different now and i gets so bored. So I make this post, to share what am i to do when "boredom" make a challenge with me.

1. I am Singing and Playing My Guitar
That's cool because i know how to singing and how to playing guitar. Every ladies i think love it. But, it's simply for me. To calm down myself.

2. Playing Game
Everyone love game. include me. Yeah right. That's was Fun. In this world have many games, and i swear you cant count it Now, i am playing Top Eleven, Dragon City, and Modoo Marble. Online games is better than offline gamer. Because it's can make us have many relationship with foreign people and as a Language teacher if we speak with foreign man/women.

3. Open my Social Media
Hmm, i have many social media. Absolutely, you can contact me there.i have facebook, twitter, helloo, google +, instagram, blog, tumblr, etc. It's a challenge for you to find me. Lol. But, it has a negative decision. It most happen when you stalk your Ex GF profil. xoxo O.O

4. Meet your Best Friends.
This is a Best opinion from me. Only best friends know how you are and they will always there for you. You can share your problem with them and they will give you a "Beast" solution. hahaha

5. Be Creativi-er
Yups.. You must be creative. Sometimes if you get boring or your fell a broken heart you will be more creative. So don't be lazy and let's make an action. You can try with making a poetry, painting, singing, make a song, etc. You can do whatever you want and whatever you like to do.

Maybe just that's i can share with you because i wanna cry now. I remember her. hikss :'). Actually i still get bored and must take an action, yah.. it's because her.

It's Hurts Me. But at least you're happy and I'm more free than before. ConrgatsC

I don't know the connection between my tittle post and my mind in this post. It's cozy. I feel down but i must fight, fight, and fight. 

And for closure, sorry for my R.I.P English. I'm still learning how to speak English fluently. If i have any mistakes, please tell me in my command box :) 

Thank You for reading ^.^ Gotcha :')